CBD Pet Tincture – 250 mg

CBD Pet Tincture – 250 mg

The CBDBee 250mg CBD pet tincture is formulated with isolate from organically grown American hemp and organic ingredients to deliver CBD with a gentle taste for your pet. Simply add the oil to your pet’s food or treats as needed. Each tincture bottle contains 30 ml of oil with a concentration of 250mg of CBD. Tincture caps feature a childproof twist-lock to keep little hands out, and a calibrated dropper with convenient markers from .25 to 1.0 ml for easy dose measurements. Our 250mg CBD pet tincture can be used for pets of all sizes, but is concentrated best for pets under 30 lbs. Recommended dosage varies based on weight. Please refer to the convenient dosing chart on the label to view the recommended starting dose for your pet.

Concentration:  250mg | Best for pets weighing under 30 lbs.

• CBD from American hemp
• Lab tested for potency and purity
• 100% THC-free
• USDA Organic MCT base oil
• Gentle flavor
• Calibrated dropper | childproof cap


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250mg CBD Pet Tincture

Give your furry friend the benefits of CBD from organically grown American hemp with CBDBee CBD oil for pets! We blend premium CBD with only the highest quality organic ingredients that exceed even the strictest pet supplement standards. Unlike other pungent oils, our all-natural formula offers a gentle flavor to make administration easy. Our Pet CBD oil tinctures are also 100% THC-free so there is no risk of psychoactive effects that may confuse your pet or cause undesirable behavior. Simply use the dropper to add the oil to your pet’s food, mix it with a treat, or even drop it right in the dish! Refer to our convenient dosing chart on the tincture label to find the recommended dosage for your pet, and adjust as needed.

*Please note: Do not place the dropper in your pet’s mouth. It is made of glass and could break if bitten.

• CBD from American hemp• Lab tested for potency and purity
• THC-free | Pesticide-free
• USDA Organic MCT base oil
• Gentle flavor
• Calibrated dropper | childproof cap

How Can CBD Oil Help Your Pet?

CBD is gaining popularity quickly among pet owners for a wide variety of applications. The active ingredient cannabidiol (CBD) woks by supplementing the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in humans as well as many animals. This system affects the regulation of mood, pain levels, inflammation, immunity, sleep cycle, appetite and more. When taken, the compounds in CBD stimulate the ECS by attaching to the regulatory receptors found on the body’s cells and act as a neurotransmitter to help recalibrate and bring balance to the body’s regulatory systems.

While we are legally prohibited from claiming or implying that CBD oil can be used to treat any specific condition, but we can tell you that countless clinical studies are currently being conducted around the country to examine the benefits CBD can have for pets such as this study at UC Davis. These include studies using CBD to treat inflammatory conditions, pain, anxiety, overall health, and more.

Directions For Use:
Individual results may vary, but administering a CBD concentration based on weight is generally accepted as the best way to identify the proper dosage to treat pets. Refer to our simple chart to identify the recommended starting dose for your pet. These recommendations are based on a concentration of 1-5 mg of CBD per pound. You may find that more or less CBD can be used to treat your pet. Consult with your veterinarian for further recommendations or questions about specific applications.

• Give 2-8 drops per 10 lbs
• Administer orally / mix with food or treats
• Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight
• Keep out of reach of children

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  1. Suzanne

    I have been giving this to my cat for two weeks now. She has anxiety and this has become a lifesaver! There’s a measurement drop that is marked, so it’s very easy to dose. Easy to mix in wet food and fast acting. This product is worth it and the price is amazing! I will definitely be back to purchase this again & again.

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