Transdermal CBD Cream 1000mg – 50 Gram

Transdermal CBD Cream 1000mg – 50 Gram

CBDBee Transdermal CBD Cream combines premium cannabidiol with pharmaceutical grade base cream and USDA Organic essential oils to effectively deliver CBD through the skin and deep into muscles, joints and other tissues. Independently lab tested for potency and purity, our CBD intensive cream formula provides an extra strength dose with approximately 8mg of CBD per pump. Use daily or as needed for improved effectiveness vs. topical creams. Simply apply CBDBee Transdermal CBD cream to the skin near the affected area and rub in gently until dried. The cream absorbs fully through the skin with no greasy residue, and the specialized airless pump bottle ensures the entire container contents can be used. Each 50 gram / 1 oz bottle contains 1000mg of CBD total.

  • 1000 mg CBD / 50 g bottle
  • 8 mg CBD / pump (0.4 ml/pump)
  • Approximately 125 pumps/bottle
  • Lab tested for potency and purity
  • 100% THC-free
  • USDA Organic essential oils
  • Pharmaceutical grade transdermal base


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Go Beyond Topical with CBDBee’s Transdermal CBD Cream.  Conventional topical CBD creams cannot effectively carry CBD any deeper than the surface of the skin.  What allows CBDBee’s Transdermal CBD Cream to go beyond other topical creams on the market is a pharmaceutical grade base cream that acts as a lipid based transdermal delivery system to carry CBD deep into muscles, joints, and other tissues.  We blend blend USDA Organic essential oils and, as always, only the highest quality CBD Isolate to provide a product that begins cooling the minute it is applied and continues by carrying CBD deep into affected areas.

Let’s face it, CBD products are not cheap.  If you want to get the most out of your CBD, the method of delivery matters. Go Beyond Topical with CBDBee’s Transdermal CBD Cream.

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  • 1000mg CBD/50 g bottle
  • 8 mg CBD/pump (0.4 ml/pump)
  • Approximately 125 pumps/bottle
  • Absorbs fully/Non-greasy formulation
  • USDA Organic peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree essential oils
  • Pharmaceutical grade transdermal base cream to carry CBD deep into muscle, joints, and other tissues
  • Highly concentrated extra strength formulation for most highest level of treatment

Topical Vs Transdermal CBD Cream – What’s the Difference?

Topicals are an effective way to apply CBD to specific external areas of your body. These CBD products are made using a wide variety of the same types of base creams or balms found in standard skin moisturizer and cosmetic products. As topical CBD can only penetrate the outer layers of the skin, they can only deliver CBD to the applied area. This makes them a good solution for treating external areas only.


Topical Vs. Transdermal CBD Cream Effectiveness

Transdermal products have unique properties that allow them to penetrate through the skin and into tissues to deliver CBD to affected area. Their advanced lipid base qualities make transdermal creams a more desirable solution for carrying pharmaceutical products as well as CBD. Because transdermal creams are absorbed through the dermal layers and into the bloodstream, they can carry CBD directly to muscles and joint for greater effectiveness. Transdermal CBD products also offer one of the highest bioavailability delivery methods.


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