CBD Oil For Cats Dogs & Other Pets

Give your furry friend CBDBee, the best CBD oil for cats, dogs and other pets! Our CBD products for pets are formulated with the highest quality standards using premium isolate from American grown hemp and all-natural ingredients. Pet owners across the country are finding that CBD can have the same amazing benefits for their pets as it does for people. We blend gentle organic ingredients with CBD to produce a taste that your pet will love so you can administer it easily and give them the full benefit of supplemental CBD.

How Much CBD Oil to Give your Pet

We recommend general CBD dosage for dogs, cats or other pets based on the weight of the pet. You will find a helpful dosing chart on each bottle of CBD oil that will indicate the recommended dosage based on how many pounds your pet weighs. This dosage will vary in mL between each of the products as each contains a different concentration, but the actual amount of CBD you’re giving will remain relatively the same. You may find that more or less CBD is required to treat your pet. The general recommendation is a good baseline to start at, and the dropper is calibrated to allow you to easily measure the amount. Allow about an hour for the CBD to take effect after administration and observe your pet’s behavior to evaluate whether more or less may be desired.

Example taken from 1000mg tincture recommendations.

How to Give CBD Oil to Dogs, Cats & Other Pets

The best way to give CBD oil to your dog or cat is to mix it with food or treats. This will ensure all of the CBD is consumed so your pet gets the maximum benefit. It is also a better method than adding it to your pet’s water, as your pet may splash the water while drinking, causing some of the CBD to be wasted. As our CBD products have a gentle flavor, many pets will consume them without the need to add it to food, however, do not give your pet oil directly from the dropper. The dropper is made of glass and could break if bitten during administration. If your pet will consume the CBD oil without food, you can simply use the dropper to add the desired dosage to your pet’s dish. 

Example taken from 1000mg tincture recommendations.